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Speaking of the emotional intelligence of sellers, it is well known that the sales field is the concentration camp of the emotional businessmen, that is, these people are good at observing and observing, slapping horses, seeing the wind and making rudders, turning decay into magic…But most of them run counter to the high EQ advocated in this book. On the basis of EQ sales theory, this book presents classical cases and operation methods for you.

销售就是要玩转情商Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

作品信息(Book information)


原版名称(Original name):Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success Connect with Customers and Get Results

作者(Author):科林·斯坦利(Colleen Stanley)

出版年(Publication date):2015-9

Amazon4.7星好书 Amazon 4.7 Star Books,豆瓣评分7.5好书Douban Score 7.5 Good Books





Sales is to play with EQ: Soft selling skills that 99% of people don’t know about are written by Colin Stanley. Starting from EQ, this book elaborates on the common marketing channels, customer psychology, customer maintenance, negotiation skills, team management and other issues in the sales industry, and gives effective guidance methods.

On the basis of EQ sales theory, the book combines classical cases with operation methods, reveals the influence and role of EQ on sales work, and emphasizes the importance of EQ soft skills. Starting from the common predicaments of salesmen and sales industry, this book makes a deep analysis of the reasons for the sales predicament by comparing with examples, and gives corresponding solutions to the sales problems, so that readers can see clearly the sales misunderstandings, start with their own emotional control, change the current sales situation, and achieve brilliant sales.

Sales is to play EQ, whether it is a sales soldier who rushes on the sales road or a sales director who leads the team to go forward bravely, all need to understand this truth. Only armed with their own sales soft skills, can your sales business be thrifty.

On the basis of EQ sales theory, this book presents us a perfect combination of many classical cases and operation methods.

作者简介(About the Author)

科林•斯坦利(Colleen Stanley)


Colleen Stanley 

 Sales Leadership, the president of Sales Leadership, a well-known business development consulting company in the United States, has been engaged in sales consulting and sales skills training for many years. Now she has published a worldwide bestseller, Building a Great Sales Team, whose EQ sales research results have been discussed and sought after by major global enterprises.

金句精选(Golden sentence):




1. Pursue the truth and do the right thing. Don’t pay too much attention to the superficial results, whether the other side agrees or disagrees, should be calm and composure.

2. Always speak confidently about what you need. This will make the sales process easier and more comfortable. This is true for both salesmen and customers.

3. Sales is not an easy task. It requires us to be patient enough. Those who can do well and stick to it are not simple people.

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文件类型(File type):mp3+pdf

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Fever lying in bed sent a message to his boyfriend: “Fever…”

He answered, “Drink plenty of water.”

I:“… 39.2 degrees “

He said, “Ox! Drink more water!”

Why don’t you drink too much? Drink you to death…

Although it’s a paragraph, you can also hear the urgency of lacking EQ across the screen.

Well, this book is about sales, and I don’t sell it, so I don’t need to read it?Wrong! Every one of us has never played a role in sales in this life. To pursue a girlfriend is to sell ourselves successfully to the girl we want. To educate our children, we must sell our ideas and ideas to the children. , As you can see, “Drink more water” is the rhythm of death.




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— 汤姆·塞西,作者捕鲸:如何获得大的销售和转变你的公司

“The world of relationship selling has not died. It has taken an evolutionary leap forward. If you want to be powerful in this new world of selling, you need the insights Colleen Stanley teaches in Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success. Any salesperson, regardless of market or years of experience, will take away priceless nuggets on improving his or her connection and effectiveness with buyers.”

— Tom Searcy, author of Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company

销售就是要玩转情商Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success(有声书Audio book mp3+电子书E-book pdf)下载download



This is One of the top 3 sales books I have ever heard, and I have read a lot. It is not your typical Rah Rah sales book (thank God)! She really explains a lot of techniques and the psych0logy behind them. A must listen for anyone in management or sales.


The topic of the book, really brings to light the soft skills that will ultimately increase sales in a career the deals with people. People are emotional buyers, Emotional Intelligence is good material.


this is a great resource for the career sales person. changes you view on your customers and gives rubber meets the road practical tips.




One of the best books I’ve read/listened to for sales improvement. Not only does the author talk in real language she also gives fantastic examples of scenarios we’ve all found ourselves in – in a sales situation and everyday life. 

The book has some ideas for sales management too. Other reviews mentioned this was off track but I think if you’re looking at the overall experience within a sales team it’s great to understand different roles. 

A lot of this book confirmed what we all know works and gives so much more!

不是传统意义上讲述销售技巧的书,而是讲述真正意义上的合作关系的销售方式。讲诉很多在销售的盲点,告诉真正的销售是什么。很值得推荐,从个人角度,团队角度,合作角度,领导角度来讲诉。非常好!! 你真的很懂销售吗?错了,你那只是一个无知的大忽悠而已。看看这本书,才明白,什么是真正的销售!!强烈推荐。

It’s not a book about sales skills in the traditional sense, it’s a book about sales methods in a real sense of partnership. Tell about many blind spots in sales and what the real sales are. It is worth recommending, from the personal point of view, team point of view, cooperation point of view, leadership point of view to tell. Very nice!! Do you really understand sales? Wrong, you’re just a fool of ignorance. Look at this book, then understand, what is the real sales!! It is strongly recommended. 


The author’s self-order is really well written, unlike the usual books, which only focus on skills. The author also reminds us that we should review, reflect and summarize our actions, and further improve ourselves by combining the techniques in the book. Aristotle once said, “We are all the result of repeated actions. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit. 


A good book, ready to let the company’s sales to read, how to use EQ to influence customers, how to enhance leadership, how to better motivate team members and so on.

读后感(After reading)




2, 容易激动,顾客感觉有意向就表现兴奋,顾客没有意向,立马泄气,激动













2,同理心倾听,同频,一定多倾听 倾听是最高境界的销售,和顾客站在同一角度,


4,管理好客户期望,不要太夸大,哪怕事情说保守点可以,一定要说清楚短期可能做不到,需要时间,需要客户一起努力,在这里我们要了解顾客是什么性格的人:强人性,开朗性, 成熟性,专家性,



好的销售团队,保持学习,团结,合作 ,公益文化 ,




多和团队商量,(因为团队除了业绩开心,更在乎自己在团队的贡献和参与很多事情,自己被认可,被尊重 ),





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